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Ali Armstrong

Wildlife art series scarce

The illegal wildlife trade of horns, tusks and body parts is 20 billion dollar industry. If poaching levels continue to grow at this increasing rate, Africa's remaining rhino populations may become extinct in the wild within just 20 years. Think about it, that means our children won't be able to see a rhino in the wild when they grow up! Poaching is just one of many reasons we are losing our world's beautiful animals. 

Scarce exists to encourage responsible protection of the endangered and to never forget the beauty of the extinct. I paint extinct animals in black and white because they are forever gone. To the endangered I add a touch of color (or 24k gold), for these there is hope. The amount of color added is proportional to the remaining species population. 

Through Scarce, I hope to raise awareness for animals at risk and share their story.

Through the creation we see the creativity and majesty of a Creator. He is the great artist and he made all creatures for Himself. He put this Planet under our care, and we have proven to be poor stewards. Now is the time for action, let us work together to protect the last truly wild places on our planet and the creatures who call these places home.


10% of sales are donated !