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Hey guys!

Last week I shared a bit about who I am and about my family.
(No worries if you missed it. You can find it : HERE

Today I want to share with you more about Scarce. Scarce is my way of raising awareness for endangered animals and telling THEIR story.

 I paint extinct animals in black and white and endangered animals with a bit of color (or 24k gold). The amount of color I add is proportional to the remaining species population. For example, before my little team of Armstrongs came about my husband and I jumped his  motorcycle and visited zoos across mid America. We took pics of endangered animals and donated paintings to help raise money for their conservation programs.  I painted a pic of Harapan for the Cincinnati Zoo. He was the last remaining Sumatran rhino in North America ( he is now in Sumatra helping save his kind). Since there are fewer than 90 Sumatran rhinos left in WORLD, the painting of Harapan had a very small amount of color added to it. You can see the painting HERE
If I'm painting a species with greater numbers I would add a lot more color to the painting. Make sense? 

One of the fun things we get to do through Scarce is give 10% of  sales to help fight extinction and the illegal wildlife trade. Find out who we give to HERE

You can also discover all the different animals I've painted

Can you guess how I start each painting? I’ll answer wondering minds next week.

Until then,