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Creative Process

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Hey Guys, Ali here!

So now you know a little about me and what I do, but do you know about my creative process?
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Let me start by setting the scene:

My babies are all napping in separate rooms. I have a cup of coffee in had with my podcasts playing. My easel is out in the living room where I get the best natural light and my kid's high chair is now my painting table (don’t judge)

Now that we've set the scene…

The question is where do I start each painting???

I start with the eyes!
Prior to Scarce I did portraits (human, not animal) and my favorite part was always the eyes . You can see some of my portraits here. I think they are THE most important part the portrait. They give you insight on who they are. Now, I carry this same thought over to my wildlife portraits. I start each painting with the eyes and work my way out. 

greatgreyowl process

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Talk to ya next week!